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In order to integrate the PayGenius payment page to your Magento Ecommerce platform, follow these instructions after downloading the file.

Login at . Before uploading the file to your Magento backend, make sure your PayGenius account manager has given you your own Access Token and Secret Key.

    1. Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager (login with your Magento admin details again)
    2. Under “Direct package file upload”, Choose File and upload PayGenius-1.0.2.tgz, then press the Upload orange button. On the black console at the bottom of the page, you should have the following message returned in green: Package installed: community PayGenius 1.0.2 Cleaning cache . Cache cleaned successfully
    3. Follow the ÒReturn to AdminÓ orange link at the top right; Navigate to System > Configuration; On the left under “Sales” > “Payment MethodsÓ
    4. (optional) for direct integration: Scroll down to The PayGenius Direct Payments section and update settings as follows: ¥ Enabled: Change to Yes ¥ Title: indicates what the client will see on checkout ¥ New order status: leave as pending ¥ Access Token: you will get this information on the PayGenius merchant console, in the Settings section: ¥ Secret key : you will get this information on the PayGenius merchant console, in the Settings section: ¥ Page ID: leave blank, except if you have more than 1 Virtual payment terminal on PayGenius ¥ TestMode: Leave as No ¥ Sort order: leave blan, except if you have more than 1 payment solution enabled on your platform ¥ Country selections: Leave as is. Plug-in is limited to ZAR transactions only Press the Save Config orange button at the top right. Please note that instant EFT is not supported as a payment method with direct integration
    5. (optional) for redirect integration: Scroll down to the PayGenius Hosted section and update settings as indicated in step 6.
    6. Process a test payment on your website, go to your merchant console and check that the test transaction figures on your Transactions report. You can then press the refund button on the right to refund the transaction (free of charge)

    For any technical issue during the installation of the plugin, please contact us

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