Follow the instructions to integrate PayGenius as payment gateway to your Shopify Ecommerce platform !

Before setting up PayGenius as payment gateway, make sure your PayGenius account manager has provided you with your Merchant Access Token and Secret Key.

  1. Go to the PayGenius payment installation URL:
  2. When opening the URL above, you will be asked to logon to your store.
  3. After logging in, you will be asked to confirm adding PayGenius as Payment method.
  4. This confirmation on the step 3 will make PayGenius available as payment method under: …{store url}/admin/settings/payments: Section “Accept credit cards”
  5. You can then activate the PayGenius payment gateway, which asks for CLIENT AND SECRETE KEY (These details can be obtained from the merchant dashboard) After all the steps above, PayGenius will be available as payment method on the store’s checkout page.
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