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Registering to PayGenius merchant services:
Why use PayGenius?

PayGenius is the safest and easiest solution to receive payments online. PayGenius offers flexible solutions for all types of merchant, while providing your customers with a guarantee of trust and security when processing their payments.

PayGenius also enables you to keep track of the online and mobile payments you receive and to store them in a safe and convenient dashboard. PayGenius acts as a third party by storing and encrypting your client's bank details and processing payments for you in an easy, fast and safe way.

How to use PayGenius services?

To use our services you must become a PayGenius registered merchant.

Contact us at support@paygenius.co.za to become a merchant.

I am organizing an event and charge a fee for entrance. Can I use PayGenius as a payment platform?

Yes, you can redirect your clients towards an external PayGenius ticketing page, or PayGenius can provide you with an easy and safe payment platform you will be able to integrate on your website.

Our ticketing system allows you to have multiple events and subevents and sell tickets online. We process the customers and send an automatic ticket for you.

Process and manage payments
What cards do you support?

The supported credit cards depend on the currency used.

For South African Rand transactions, we support Diners, Amex, Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

For Euros, Dollars and Pounds transactions, we support Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

We do not support debit card transactions for now.

What currencies do you support?

We support Euros, Dollars, Pounds and South African Rands.

What are PayGenius hours of service?

The PayGenius service is up 24/7/365. We occasionally have system maintenance procedures running through the night during which the service may be temporarily offline. PayGenius support is active via agents on shift who strictly take email calls. Emails will be answered within 24 hours. From time to time support agents may contact you or call you back on request to support you.

Can I see my transaction history?

Yes, we keep a history of all payments received by merchants via PayGenius. You can use our online dashboard by registering with your merchant account and get access to your payment history and invoices.

Will PayGenius send an email to my customers when they pay?

Depending on the product you choose, PayGenius can send a payment notification to your customers or not.

Will my customers have to register to PayGenius before paying?

No, PayGenius payments can be processed without subscription via Mastercard, Visa and Diners credit card. But if your customers are registered PayGenius users, they can also pay with their online wallet.

Which countries does PayGenius support?

Transactions processed via PayGenius can be proccessed anywhere.

Costs and fees:
Are there any registration or set-up costs?

There are no registration or set-up costs. Registration and set-up of the payment gateway are free. PayGenius only charges a marginal percentage of the payments you receive. To know more about our costs, visit the "Our rates" page.

Are there any fixed costs, monthly fees or minimum period commitment?

There are no fixed costs, no monthly fees and no minimum period commitment. Merchants only pay according to the volume of transactions processed via PayGenius.

How long does it take for payment processed via PayGenius to be transferred on my own bank account?

You will receive your funds within 2 working days.

How much does it cost to use PayGenius as a merchant?

PayGenius is a value added service provider. As a merchant, the only cost you need to pay is a marginal percentage on the transactions processed via PayGenius. To enquire about our rates, visit the "Pricing" page.

Are there any volume discounts for merchants processing a large volume of transactions?

Yes, rates can be negotiated depending on your transaction volume and terms.

How do my clients know if it is safe to pay via PayGenius?

All PayGenius payment services are encrypted via an SSL certificate provided by Thawte. PayGenius is also a PCI compliant gateway complying with the most stringent standards in the industry required by all major banks.

Do I need an SSL certificate to register as a PayGenius merchant?

No, you no not need an SSL certificate to register to our services. Some products require an SSL certificate from the merchant but we also offer solutions hosted on our servers that allow you to process payment without an SSL certificate.

Is there any fraud on payments operated via PayGenius?

PayGenius has an effective fraud prevention and fraud management policy and we can offer fraud management sytems at an additional cost. Our average fraud rate is inferior to 0,05% with clients operating in sensitive sectors such as airtime and electricity vending.

Merchants are however responsible for implementing their own fraud management measures as they will be held responsible for any charge back from the banks.